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Strategic Services

Strategic Services Our strategic services lead clients through the development and execution of the strategic planning process, and continue to offer support through life-cycle business development, executive coaching and succession planning, and merger and acquisition strategizing.

Strategic planning

Our strategic process results in clarity of organizational vision and mission, and cascades strategic objectives into operational business and action plans. We work with clients to determine the best methods for achieving organizational goals and a sustained growth process.

There are many models and approaches used to do this. However, we believe the simpler the better. Our approach uses simple methods, including techniques to gauge where an organization is, what their strengths are, their weaknesses, vulnerabilities and opportunities, and then build on this to develop a plan that is appropriate for the nature of the business, the leadership, the culture of the organization, the complexity of the organization’s environment, and the size of the organization.

Most importantly, our approach is action-oriented to ensure a well-defined action plan is in place to achieve the goals and objectives from the strategic planning process.

Life-cycle business development

We offer a full range of advisory and consulting services throughout the entire life-cycle business development process. Our associates have special expertise in developing and capturing business in the Federal government and can assist the organization in the following areas:

Strategy development and capture management: We understand the relationship of the front end of the business when it comes to proposal success and achieving business growth. We offer the following services to enhance the probability of success:

  • Market Intelligence and Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Win Strategy Development
  • Capture Management
  • Partnership and Teaming Development
  • Pricing Strategy

Proposal development and review: We provide support throughout all phases of the proposal process. We offer experience and expertise in:

  • Strategy and Win Theme Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Proposal Management
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Technical Writing
  • Past Performance Writing
  • Red Team Leadership
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Proposal Coordination

We can lead the proposal review process or provide independent reviews with a broad range of subject matter expertise.

Executive coaching and succession planning

Our executive coaches bring real-world experience, ready to support the development of executives and other members of the senior leadership team.

We offer individual or group training across the spectrum of leadership competencies, including outcome-oriented performance, people management skills, communication and interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, working with different leadership styles, assimilation and transitioning, team building, and aligning the strategic vision to operational performance.

Merger and acquisition support

Our associates have extensive experience advising and providing support throughout the merger and acquisition (M&A) process. We can work in collaboration with the investment banking community or directly lead the organization in developing M&A strategies on both the buying and selling side. In addition to leading the organization through the strategy and due diligence process, we can provide support throughout the organizational integration and transition phase.

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