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Human Capital Services

The most significant investments a business can have in today’s increasingly competitive market are the human resources that support the business environment. Human resources provide the opportunity for an organization to gain an edge over the competition and are critical to the ultimate success of the enterprise.

Full-cycle recruitment, including sourcing services

Successful recruiting is critical to achieve a thriving and effective work environment. Our recruiters have the necessary expertise and a proven track record for staffing both domestically and internationally.
For our clients with high-technology demands, we implement web-based internal processes that empower the organization to manage its recruitment.

Primary positions we support include:

Recruitment Table

Performance management and reward systems

ODA’s performance management services encompass design through implementation. Performance management is directly aligned with the organization’s strategic goals, values, and culture to measure an employee’s effectiveness.

Performance management: We tailor performance management systems to fit our clients’ needs. Our merit-based performance reward systems are user-friendly and focus on technical and behavioral performance. Our 360-degree performance reviews are designed for senior-level positions and include individual developmental plans.

Job description: Through collaboration with our clients, we design effective job descriptions that clearly define responsibilities and performance expectations associated with each position. The descriptions specify job functions, required skills and goals, and are competitively incorporated into a compensation and reward system that ensures internal equity and consistency.

Bonuses and other incentives: Multi-tier bonus and incentive programs are initiated to drive employee performance encouraging the achievement of both individual and organizational goals.

Diversity and inclusion programs

The ever-changing demographics of the workforce and the globalization of human resources present extraordinary challenges for employers. Our well-defined strategies help organizations optimize the opportunities presented by diversity, while recognizing the challenges of multiculturalism.

Based on our experience in the creation of diversity programs we understand the importance of identifying the unique needs of each organization. We design programs that are tailored to those needs and that are embedded in management systems to ensure that diversity is an integrated part of the business practices rather than a stand-alone event.

Employee engagement programs

Employee engagement is vital for the success of any organization. ODA creates programs that encourage workplace connections between employees at all levels within the organization. Sustainable and successful engagement over time must benefit employees, managers, leaders, organizations, and customers. Programs designed to support the company’s specific culture and goals are initiated to encourage employee involvement through formal suggestion protocols, mentoring options, and skill partnering

Benefits and compensation design

Benefits are increasingly expensive for businesses to provide to employees; therefore, the range and options of benefits are changing rapidly. We stay abreast of these changes and recognize the importance of keeping competitive while being cost effective.

Services offered by ODA include benchmarking against relevant industries, business size, and organizational philosophy to design a benefits and compensation plan that is both valued by employees and aligned with the organization’s strategy, goals, and culture.

Our compensation plans are designed to ensure that employees are paid competitively. They are compliant with various state and federal laws and are designed for ease of administration.

Services offered by ODA include designing compensation systems anchored in the market, auditing for consistency in practice, and creating various systems to ensure consistency and streamlined process.

Tailored employee relations and grievance process

Our associates have extensive experience resolving complex employee relations issues and can advise a client’s staff on specific and best practices in handling personnel concerns such as, misconduct and disciplinary actions, performance problems, and dispute resolution. Individual and group coaching sessions are offered to increase managerial effectiveness in handling and resolving employee relation matters. ODA also offers skilled mediation services should the need arise.

Our services in this area focus on coaching managers through group or individualized sessions on how to inspire and motivate their staff, while developing skills to identify and mitigate risk.

Management coaching and mentoring

Developing managers is a critical part of ensuring the organization’s mission and strategy are being executed in a mindful way, contributing to the bottom line and managing risk.

Staff training and professional development

Both new managers and seasoned executives of an organization can benefit from the concise, practical, and action-oriented training provided by ODA. We offer the following customized, on-site employee training programs designed to enhance employee awareness and career development:

Leadership Development

  • Management and Supervisory Skills
  • Women’s Developmental Training
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Financial and Operational Programs
  • Additional Trainings:
    • Internal and External Customer Service
    • Time Management
    • Change Management
    • Harassment Awareness
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Communication Skills

Facilitation, mediation, and conflict resolution

Our executive coaches can help facilitate team building and are skilled at mediating and resolving conflicts within an organization.

We offer both short-term training and a well-developed, facilitated program to support reaching a win-win solution.

Policy and procedure development

Working with our legal associates, we design and develop human resources policies and procedures manuals to address the diverse business requirements of our clients, from large government contractors to small businesses. We work with the client’s in-house staff to develop customized policies and procedures that incorporate the latest requirements for companies and their employees.

Human resources audits

A compliance audit is an important way to protect the business and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We conduct independent assessments of the organization’s personnel documentation, benefits administration, recordkeeping, and human resources practices, while also auditing for compliance, efficiencies, and best practices. If necessary, we develop and implement corrective actions to address identified deficiencies.

Audits Cover

  • Recruitment and Screening
  • Job Offer and New Hire Process
  • Orientation
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee Handbook
  • Performance Feedback
  • Termination Practices
  • Exempt and Non-Exempt Classifications
  • Employee versus Independent Contractor Status
  • Leave Management
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Personnel Files
  • OSHA Reporting
  • Posting Requirements
  • Safety Issues


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